Traveling together through time in Higashi Matsushima ~To the breezy blue country~

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  • Impressions from international tourists!
    “First visit to Higashi Matsushima”

    Four people from around the world on a short visit to Higashi Matsushima City! See four people with different values and cultures experience Japan’s climate and local people, encoun-ter beautiful scenery, and experience the meaningful side of Higashi Matsushima’s attractions. Watch the four travelers grow and learn as they travel in this documentary movie.

  • Falling in love with Higashi Matsushima?!
    “Discover Higashi Matsushima”

    The appeal of Higashi Matsushima’s nature, food, people, and culture is provided in a musical format. Local people and tourists alike have fun dancing to the Japanese-style dance music! Anyone who watches it will surely feel the urge to dance!


Get to know the charm of Higashi Matsushima through eating its food.

Nori seaweed, oysters, and more raised in the rich fishing grounds of Matsushima Bay are highly regarded for their quality.
As a production area, naturally they are fresh from the sea,
and there are also many original products and menu items, so why not taste it here?

  • Look! Oysters(from october to March)

    Oysters plump
    Large, plump oysters are
    a sumptuous feast from the sea

    The seawater of the bay, fed by two major rivers and rich in minerals and plankton, is the perfect environment for raising oysters. While they ordinarily take two years to get large enough to sell, Higashi Matsushima oysters grow in just one year. They are highly regarded for their size, firm texture, and rich taste. This high quality has resulted in an additional business of shipping seed oysters to farms nationwide. Because of this, it’s no exaggeration to call Higashi Matsushima the “homeland of oysters.” Naturally, their flavor is best enjoyed raw, but these oysters are also very good fried, stewed, and more. Buy some at a direct sales outlet on the coast, or enjoy some oyster dishes at restaurants in town.

  • Look! Nori Seaweed

    Nori Seaweed Crisp!
    High quality aroma and taste produced
    by a good beach environment

    Higashi Matsushima City and nori seaweed go hand in hand. Nori has been cultivated here for more than 80 years, with local producers building up technology and know-how. The high quality of their products is proven by the numerous awards it has won at competitive exhibitions. Producers maintain high quality while in friendly rivalry with one another to produce firm, thick, aromatic nori seaweed. The taste differs depending on the beach and the producer, so it should be possible to taste the difference in a taste test. The local nori seaweed can be enjoyed in many ways, from roasted and seasoned sheets, to tsukudani (preserved food boiled down in soy sauce), dressing, and even ham and sausage made with nori seaweed.


I want to know more! I want to feel it for myself!

Experience-based learning rooted in the local area.
Make precious memories in Higashi Matsushima.

Learn, See, Feel

Experience-based leisure activities
that foster greater understanding
through seaside nature and history.

There are a variety of experiences available that make use of the rich natural environment available in Higashi Matsushima. Get close to nature with a marine experience, or try fishing together with real fishermen. Take on the challenge while feeling the comfortable sea breeze. At The Historical Museum of Jomon Village in Oku-Matsushima, which displays Jomon-era pottery, bone tools, stone tools, and accessories that were discovered at the Satohama Shell Mound, there are many experiences available for participants to learn about life as a Jomon-era person. Take it as an opportunity to think and learn about life in old times.

Recommended Experoences Make a Magatama Bead, Start a Fire, Make a salt making pottery, Make Salt in Jomon-style, Sea Kayaking, Basket Fishing, Pleasure cruise Make a Magatama Bead, Start a Fire, Make a salt making pottery, Make Salt in Jomon-style, Sea Kayaking, Basket Fishing, Pleasure cruise
Miyagi Olle
Trail Course
Miyagi Olle – Oku-Matsushima
Miyagi Olle – Oku-Matsushima
Trail Course

A walking tour movement that started on Korea’s Jeju Island, Olle is a word in the Jeju dialect that means “a narrow path that leads from the street to a house.” It is used as the name for walking paths and trekking courses.
The appeal of the Olle is that walkers can experience the nature of the seacoast and the mountains, as well as narrow streets leading past old folk houses, and enjoy walking at a relaxed pace.
This is a special trekking course where vast scenery as well as long-cultivated culture and history can be felt with all five senses.
The Oku-Matsushima course departs from Aomina and tours Oku-Matsushima and Miyato Island while offering Jomon-era history, and vast nature full of blessings from the land and sea.


Heartwarming evening calm

Oku-Matsushima is wonderful during the day when it sparkles blue,
but at twilight, the scenery is dyed golden and it becomes even more beautiful.
Why not stay over and enjoy a warm encounter with locals at a seaside inn?


To fully experience the scenery and food of Higashi Matsushima, it’s best to spend a relaxing night at a local guest house or hotel. Feel the warm hospitality of the local people through fresh and delicious seafood served for dinner to overnight guests.


  1. Train

    Tohoku Shinkansen
    about 95 minutes
    Sendai station
    JR Senseki-Tohoku Line
    about 40 minutes
    Nobiru Station
    JR Senseki Line
    about 10 minutes
    Yamoto Station
  2. Airplane

    Sendai Airport
    Sendai Airport Access line
    about 26 minutes
    Sendai station
    JR Senseki Line
    about 40 minutes
    Matsushima Kaigan Station
    JR Senseki Line
    about 20 minutes
    Nobiru Station
    JR Senseki Line
    about 10 minutes
    Yamoto Station
  3. Car

    Sendai Airport IC
    Sendai Tobu Road・Sanriku Expressway
    about 40 minutes
    Naruse・Oku-Matsushima IC
    Sanriku Expressway
    about 10 minutes
    Yamoto IC

    Travel Time By Car It takes about 40 minutes from Taiwa IC to Naruse Oku-Matsushima IC by expressway
    It takes about 45 minutes from Sendai Minami IC to Naruse Oku-Matsushima IC via the Sendai Tobu road

※Be careful when driving as there are many large trucks engaged in reconstruction work.

Taxi Information



Higashi Matsushima City is home to Matsushima Bay, one of Japan’s three most scenic spots. Not only does it have beautiful scenery, but its vast nature brings joy to the people. Each season of the year has its own special flavors and scenery that changes over time, but the warmth of the people never changes. Why not take a guidebook to Higashi Matsushima in hand and go on a trip that is sure to be the first of many visits to this place?

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